A global Digital Music Collection Company supported by more than 500+ Labels & 2750+ Sub-Label right owners worldwide & is built on Technology & Trust.

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"We are the top digital music distribution company in India, providing free services."

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"We distribute songs to all major players in the music industry through our network of 180+ stores."

100% Royalty Revenue

"We endeavor to assist our local and regional artists in generating substantial revenue."

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Welcome to Deevs Mp3, a leading record label and music distribution company revolutionizing the music industry.

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Deevs MP3, a premier music distribution company, empowers independent artists and labels to reach a global audience. Our mission is to democratize the music industry, making distribution to major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others easy and affordable for all artists.

Audio & Video Supply Chain:

Efficiently package and deliver both your audio and visual content from one platform. No additional distributors are required.

Global Distribution Made Simple:

Access over 200 partners worldwide. Monetize your music videos, sound recordings, and compositions effortlessly.

Advanced Rights Management:

Easily manage ownership splits and set policies by territory or asset type. Track UGC claims via mobile or desktop.

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