Deevs Mp3 is a leading music distribution company empowering independent artists and labels to reach a global audience. Our mission is to democratize the music industry by making music distribution easy and affordable for all artists. We ensure that your music is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Deevs Mp3

Deevs Mp3 stands as the pioneer—a global Digital Music Collection Company backed by over 500+ Label & 2750+ Sub-Label owners worldwide, rooted in Technology & Trust. Tycoon Records is forged to optimize value for Sound Recording owners in the Digital Age, prioritizing Transparency & Efficiency. Registered under the company act 1956, Tycoon Records specializes in licensing copyrighted sound recordings and audio-visuals across mobile and digital platforms.

Deevs Mp3’s mission is clear: to maximize right owners’ revenues in today’s rapidly changing and challenging digital music landscape. We ensure complete clarity on deal terms and provide detailed royalty information to right owners, navigating the complexities of the digital music environment with precision and integrity.

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"We are the top digital music distribution company in India, providing free services."

180+ Streeming Stores

"We distribute songs to all major players in the music industry through our network of 180+ stores."

100% Royalty Revenue

"We endeavor to assist our local and regional artists in generating substantial revenue."

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Audio & Video Supply Chain:

Efficiently package and deliver both your audio and visual content from one platform. No additional distributors are required.

Global Distribution Made Simple:

Access over 200 partners worldwide. Monetize your music videos, sound recordings, and compositions effortlessly.

Advanced Rights Management:

Easily manage ownership splits and set policies by territory or asset type. Track UGC claims via mobile or desktop.

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